Fédération Internationale des Echecs + Deutscher Schachbund

Invitation to the Eightteenth World Senior Championship from 28.10. to 08.11.2008

A competition held by FIDE and the German Chess Federation

Hereby an invitation is extended to all senior Ladies and Gentlemen throughout the world to participate in their world championship.

Do not miss this opportunity and do yourself and the organizer the honour of your participation. Every Lady and Gentlemen has the possibility to do so, provided he reached his 60th birthday till 01.01.2008 and she reached her 50th birthday till 1.1. 2008. Perhaps you will never again have the opportunity to play with former world champions, legendary grand masters, renowned masters and many well known friends in such a world championship within the German boundaries. We are proud to be able to present you this offer.

The registration period ends on October 1 2008

The winner of the tournament will become senior world champion of the year 2008 and will receive the Gold medal and title of grandmaster. The second place will get a Silver medal, the third place is awarded a Bronze medal. The same rules for the medals award are applied to the participating Ladies, who play separately within their own tournament.

The program will be animated and supplemented by a number of additional events. Famous personalities have the honour of paying us a visit.

Provided with our modest funds, we will endeavour to turn this world championship into a high-ranking social as well as sports event. The competition is going to take place at the beautiful city of Bad Zwischenahn with it´s excellent assembly rooms.
As usual you will find in the prospect the hotels available. The corresponding hotel contracts will be worked on by ChessOrg, to which also the payment has to be done. They also offer private rooms and appartments. But please write down all wishes for accommodation on your application form sent to ChessOrg Hoffmann Reisen, Mr Jürgen Wempe.
FIDE, DSB, Jürgen Wempe and the town of Bad Zwischenahn wish you a nice trip and an unforgettable stay.


The application is to be made in writing using the website form or by an informal letter to the following address only:

  • ChessOrg Hoffmann Reisen
  • Herbartstrasse 7
  • D-26160 Bad Zwischenahn
  • Telefon 0 44 03 / 1636
  • Telefax 0 44 03 / 1628
  • email:wempe@chessorg.de

Please indicate your full adress and if necessary the name of the accompanying person as well as your hotel choice. You will receive a written confirmation.
We request the participants to confirm their membership in national federation written on the registration form – or any other written form – by their federation.
The registration ends on October 1 2008


In addition to the written application, a personal registration before the beginning of the tournament is necessary. This will be done on October, 28 in the Wandelhalle, between 10.00 and 14.00 h. The receipt of the paid entry is to be presented. Players who are not registrated cannot be drawn. Paid entry fees will become invalid!


The championship shall be played in 11 rounds of the Swiss System. The first time control shall be after 90 minutes and 40 moves. Following the time control is an extension of 30 minutes for the rest of the game for each player. Additional plus 30 seconds for each move. (Fide GA 2008).

Participants can be any player who is registered by his/her federation. Participation is open.

Prior to the beginning of the first round an appeals committee shall be elected by the players consisting of three members and two reserves.

Chief arbiter will be the international arbiter Christian Krause.

If a protest is submitted against a decision of the arbiters, the Chief Arbiter is to be appealed to first and then the Appeals Committee (written protest).

Winner and senior world champion 2008 will be who, at the end of the tournament, has scored the highest number of points. If two or more players are tied, the sum of progressive scores. The highest total wins.If still tied, deduct the first round score and so on. If the tie remains unbroken, decide by lot (World Senior Championship, FIDE Handbook January 1991).

Prize funds

  • * 1th Prize and Gold medal EUR 2500,-
  • * 2th Prize and Silber medal EUR 2000,-
  • * 3th Prize and Bronze medal EUR 1500,-
  • * 4th Prize EUR 1000,-
  • * 5th Prize EUR 750,-
  • * 6th Prize EUR 500,-
  • * 7th Prize EUR 300,-
  • * 8th Prize EUR 200,-

Women´s World Championship

Women play their own tournament to determine the Women´s World Champion 2008. According to application, registration, entry fee and announcement with time-table, the same conditions are valid as mentioned for the men. Because of the expected small amount of participants the following conditions have be made: the minimum of participants has to be 12 women out of 4 zones. In this case a closed tournament can be played. Between 13 and 30 women 9 rounds are played – according to the "Swiss System" – from 30 on 11 rounds. Due to the number of participants the prize fund will be fixed. It will be at least 2000 Euro.


  • # 28th October Arrival and registration until
    14.00 h in the "Wandelhalle"
    at 15.00 h Welcome of the WM-participants
    # 16.00 h 1st round
  • # 29th October 10.00 h 2nd round
  • # 30th October 10.00 h 3th round
  • # 31th October 10.00 h 4th round
  • # 1st November 10.00 h 5th round
  • # 2nd November no games – journey to Emden
  • # 3th November 10.00 h 6th round
  • # 4th November 10.00 h 7th round
  • # 5th November 10.00 h 8th round
  • # 6th November 10.00 h 9th round
  • # 7th November 10.00 h 10th round
  • # 8th November 10.00 h 11th round
  • # 20.00 h Solemn presentation ceremony in the Wandelhalle!
  • # 9th November Departure


It is just a little bit that has changed. Your application and your booking wish for example have to be send to ChessOrg Hoffmann Reisen, and also the payment of the entry-fee. Apart from Bad Zwischenahn´s excellent road network it is also connected to the railway system. There is almost every hour a train!

Airline passengers arriving in Hamburg are asked to inform Jürgen Wempe and also to name their time of arrival. In the late afternoon of October 27 at about 17:00 a bustransfer will be provided from the Meeting-Point in the arrival-hall. The transfer back to the airport will be very early in the morning on the 9th of November. Those who arrive at the airport Bremen can use the reasonable train connections or he/she will be taken with the bus at 18:30 (Meeting-Point in the arrival-hall).